Wooden Floor Restoration

Quite simply, we love everything about wood! An entire room’s appearance can be changed with a good quality wooden floor. From a beautiful parquet floor you have recently discovered hidden under your carpet, to newly laid solid Oak boards – wood is fast becoming the floor covering of choice with over 1,000,000sqm of wood being laid every year in the UK!



Our first consultation with you is the most important step. Here is where we examine and inspect your floor and find out what it is you are looking to achieve. Wooden flooring is found in so many different situations that each requirement can vary; examples might be from a school hall looking for a safe, smooth and splinter free environment but who are happy with the natural colour of the wood, to a commercial property looking to keep the existing wood but completely change the colour of the floor.

Once you have explained to us what you are hoping to achieve, we can then advise as to how we will set about it, what products we will use and the timeframes we will work to. There may well be some repairs needed to the floor as well and we will look at these with you and advise what we feel is necessary to repair before the sanding process. From the get-go, everything will be crystal clear for you!


The sanding process is then started. Whether we are using the most up-to-date belt sanders such as the Pallman Cobra or indeed the revolutionary Pallman Spider, you can be assured that the quality of these machines will leave the floor perfectly smooth and prepared for finishing. We normally look to sand the floor at least 4 times; an initial rougher cut to remove all previous floor coverings and then working our way up through increasing level of grits to close the wood up and leave that smooth finish. Once the floor has been sanded then we will use an Edger machine to match in all of the edges so that the entire floor is uniform.

“What about all the dust?”

Our favourite question to answer, normally with the words “What dust?”. We don’t just work with Pallman Machinery because it looks so smart; it is incredibly functional as well. All machines that will be used on site will be directly connected to a dust extraction system and as a result, the powerful vacuums inbuilt in the machines ensure that all dust created is immediately lifted and taken straight into the vacuum.


To finish the floor we will either apply an oil or a lacquer, depending on your requirements. Relevant drying times will be explained to you to ensure that the floor covering applied has the chance to become 100% effective before any furniture is replaced or the rooms become functional again.