Wooden Floor Restoration

This family house in Banstead, Surrey had a fantastic open plan living space with solid Oak Floors. With years of children, pets and general family life it had started to look quite worn and the owners wanted it restored. There were several areas that had quite deep scratches which needed some specific attention as well as the entire surface colour removed to enable a succesful colour change of the wood. The original darker surface was completley removed and we used a water based lacquer to lightly enhance the colour of the wood whilst protecting it and keeping it close to its original colour.

Floor before sanding

Here is the floor when we arrived. Solid Oak – a delight to sand!

The sanding process

We used a belt sander for the initial cut and to clear away all previous coatings that had been applied.

Damage repair

We see here just how scratched and damaged the floor was prior to sanding.

Natural Oak colour

This was a light Oak colour that when treated would return to a natural looking finish.

Completed Floor

The finished floor, the natural colour of the Oak enhanced by using a clear lacquer to finish the floor.

Final Finish

Another angle of the rear of the room after the final coat of lacquer had been applied.