Victorian Floor Restoration

This property in Surbiton had been rented out for a long time and whilst the property had been kept in a decent conditon, the entrance hallway had been incorrectly maintained. After covering all the surrounding walls and doorways we set about deep cleaning and stripping the floor of all dirt and grime and any pre existing sealers that were still present. Victorian Tiled Floors are pourous – meaning liquids can absorb into the tile. So after a thorough strip and clean the floor was left to dry out for 3 days before we sealed it. An impregnating sealer was used initially to soak into the top surface of the tile and provide a long lasting water repellant surface. We finished the floor with two coats of a topical sealer to add a slight sheen to the floor.

Floor before the clean

Here is the floor before the clean. You can see the dirt build up clearly in the lighter coloured tiles.

A test area carried out

We carry out a test patch on all floors on the initial consultation so we know the level of soiling we are dealing with on the day.

Floor after the clean

Here is the floor after the initial strip and clean but before we apply any sealer. As you can see it remains patchy with different damp areas so letting the floor dry out is essential before sealing.

Before and After sealing

We used a colour enhancing impregnating sealer which brings out the natural colours of the tiles. Here you can see the difference in colour with and without sealer.

Floor fully sealed

This is the result we can expect after properly sealing the floor. Water drops simply bead on the surface rather than penetrating making ongoing maintenance of the floor easier.

Final Result

The floor has now been fully sealed with a final topical sealer applied to give a slight sheen to the floor.