Polished Porcelain Stain Removal

This beautiful house on Epsom Downs proved challenging for us. Some dark coloured hair dye had been spilt on the floor. Initially the home owners weren’t too concerned and simply mopped it up and went to bed. However overnight as it was exposed to the air, the dye took effect and turned dark brown. There is a common myth that Porcelain tiles are inpenetrable and do not need to be sealed. Here is a perfect example to show that is not true. After a deep clean to the entire ground floor, the stains still remained. We decided the best course of action was to use a poultice application to draw the stain out from deep inside the tile. After leaving the poultice in place for 3 days to maximise the stain treatment we returned to remove it and were delighted to see that the tiles were as good as new.

Floor before the clean

The first step before the clean was to tape off the walls and doors to protect them from the cleaning process.

During the clean

Here you can clearly see how the floor did not look that dirty to start with but with half of it clean the difference is fantastic

Grout lines

More often that not, clean grout lines will give the entire floor a cleaner and fresher look.

Some of the spilt hair dye

Here are the marks that were still present after the initial clean – this dye had sunk into the tile

Application of a Poultice

The dye stains had a poultice applied, taped off and sealed before leaving to work away at the stain.

More Stain removal

Unfortunately the lovely family dog – Star – had decided to take a walk through the house, spreading out the dye stains!

Test Poultice removal

Here you can see how the poultice has completely removed a portion of the dark line previously there.

Floor pre polish

Here is the floor after it had been cleaned, with dirt removed the natural shine of the stone has started to come back.

Final Polish

Another angle of the rear of the room after the final coat of lacquer had been applied.