Floorboard restoration Kingston Upon Thames

This house had been tenanted for many years and the owners wanted to move back in. They removed the carpets and decided to restore the original floorboards rather than replace the carpet. There was a lot of damage to the boards under the carpet so a lot of repairs were needed before we could commence sanding. The floor is now perfectly levelled and smooth ready for the owners to move back in!

Damaged Floor before Sanding

This is the original floor with lots of damage requiring repairs and replacement boards.

The sanding process

The damaged boards were removed and new ones replaced.

Damage repair

The floor had a previous coating of Bitumen which needed removing.

Floor Sanding Process

During sanding we started to reveal the floorboards after the previous coating was removed.

Completed Floor

The floor now fully sanded and finished – the replacement boards will start to blend in with the rest of the floor.

Final Finish

2 coats of Pallmann magic Oil applied.